Thursday, February 07, 2008


I am very glad to announce that I joined NHibernate Contrib team and will be working with Ayende Rahien, Dario Quintana, Fabio Maulo, Karl Chu and Pierre Henri Kuaté.
Our goal is to deliver a set of tools to facilitate application development based on NHibernate.
The core part of MindLib was extracted as a new proj called NHibernate.Burrow. Together with NHibernate.Shards, NHibernate.Validator and probably NHibernate.LINQ, it will become one of the new products scheduled to release with NHibernate 2.0.
MindLib will continue being maintained as it's supporting NHibernate 1.2.X. but there probably will be no MindLib 2.0.