Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just released NHibernate.Burrow 1.0.2 GA

Here is the release note:

NHibernate.Burrow is a light weight middleware developed to support .Net applications using NHibernate (maybe also referred as NH in this article) as ORM framework by providing advanced and smart session/transaction management and other facilitates. Documentation and examples are available at Any feedback can be sent to NHibernate user group( Issues can be submitted to http:// They will be greatly appreciated. Please go to to download

Build 1.0.2.GA

* [NHB-14] - Ambiguous match found exception when loading statefulfield
* [NHB-16] - NHibernate.Burrow causes controls on the page to DataBind too early in the page cycle
* [NHB-21] - QueryString should not be parsed for Conversation information during postback


* [NHB-15] - Clean up transaction and session mangement code
* [NHB-23] - Improve WEbUtilHttpModule to ignore unecessary Handlers

New Feature

* [NHB-17] - Provide ways to stop stateful field processor from traverse control tree
* [NHB-19] - An interceptor for configuring NHConfiguration before Burrow creates SessionFactory


* [NHB-20] - Get a session by persistence unit name instead by class type
* [NHB-22] - Burrow throws a null reference exception when added as a module in IIS7 and static content is served