Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Introducing Collectr - my first flickr App

Alpha test: http://collectr.kailuowang.com/

What is Collectr?
Collectr is a web app that helps you, a flickr addicted, subscribe and explore flickr photos in a much more powerful and personalized way.
What's the vison of Collectr?
To achieve what flickr explore failed to achieve - an easy and free way to see more interesting pictures every day.
Why use Collectr?
  • Centralized slide show
  • New photos from multiple sources will be displayed at a single slide show
  • Personalized slide show
  • Collectr remembers your preference by recording your 'fave' action, so that when you have too many new photos from sources,
    it will display first the photos from the stream swhose photos you fave the most in the past.
  • Expendable Sources of Photos
  • With Collectr, not only can you subscribe to someone's upload stream, you can also subscribe to her favorites stream.
    This way you can discover flickr artists that are discovered by your favorite flickr artists.
    This is very important because it allows you to expand your list of sources of good photos.
  • Slide show with the best possible image quality
  • Unlike many of the third party flickr websites, when the collectr slide show display photos, it will try find the version of the photos whose reslution fits your screen the most. Also, this slide show is tablet friendly with navigation keys on the sides and links using larger font.
  • Easy share
  • You can share/backup your collections by exporting them into a backup file so that later you or other Collectr users can import it.